How Scrappiness Can Beat Out a Silver Spoon

There’s no question that privilege exists on a continuum. Your race, gender, and socioeconomic background greatly contribute to your career successes and challenges. Regina Hartley is an HR professional who recognizes the advantages of hiring people who’ve overcome adversity–and have the non-traditional career history to prove it. As a truck driver turned business woman, her […]

Is Your Internal Narrative Hurting Your Career? (Video)

At This Little Brand, we work hard to help clients create a story-based brand and communications that advance their careers. During our work, many clients discover that it’s the story they’ve been telling themselves that needs to be rewritten–and we help with that too. What narrative in your head has been roadblocking your career? Do […]

VIDEO: Do This BEFORE You Network

I know you’re busy, so I’ll cut to the chase. You’ve got to define your brand and value proposition before you network. Why? Well, why don’t new Starbucks locations put up a cardboard sign that says coffee? Why does Proctor and Gamble bother to brand their cereals rather than drop of unmarked boxes at grocery […]