Love Letter to Pharma and Medical Reps Over 25

Video Love Letter to Pharma and Medical Reps Over 25







I was so mad at pharma/medical sales recruiters this week when I got a third call in as many weeks from an accomplished rep who’d been told repeatedly that recruiters were looking for people with on 2-3 years of experience. Let’s be real, this is code for young and pretty.

But is “young and pretty” really what’s needed to win the trust of clinicians, researchers, and administrators? As someone who writes for clinicians, healthcare executives, researchers, and even pharma/medical device/equipment executives, I can give that a definitive NO.

It’s not recruiters’ fault. They’re fulfilling the requisition they got from their client. But the hiring managers know what’s needed. They know that knowledge, experience, and an existing network of healthcare decision-makers is what grows territories and brands.

If you’ve been told in so many words that you’re too old to do your job, stop depending on recruiters. Reach out directly to hiring managers with communications that express the value of your years of experience.