Corporate Services

Big business is made of little brands. Whether you’re a Silicon Valley startup or an iconic multinational, your people ARE your business. At ThisLittleBrand, we help business succeed by telling the stories of employees and customers.

Outplacement Services

Great jobs don’t last forever. With outplacement services from ThisLittleBrand, you can ensure that your outgoing employees are cared for as they find their next career adventure. From white-glove executive service to scalable offerings, we help people define how their brand intersects with market demands so they can land faster and happier. It’s all in a day’s work.

Corporate Storytelling

Our brains are wired to receive information via story. It’s a tool that accesses audiences’ emotions and decision-making function. Companies from TOMS Shoes to Google have used story to share information and bring their brand to life. Whether you’re developing client case studies, a compelling story for your salespeople to tell, or a hiring story that will attract passionate, right-fit candidates, we’ve got you covered.

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