Why Kim


Who would think that one of the most awarded resume writers began her business while moonlighting as an 18-wheel truck driver? But then, my whole career has been about shattering stereotypes. (My clients—executives, entrepreneurs, and rising stars—tend to be the same!)

When I started my resume writing business in 2006, my office was the cab of a Freightliner named Angela. Because only one other woman driver worked at our company, the crews were always surprised to see me pull up to the local agency and work as hard as or harder than they did loading up to 20,000 pounds of boxes and furniture.

Driving the 48 states, I’d pull off at rest areas to do client intakes and catch truck stop wifis to send out documents. The long stretches of road gave me time to think about just the right way to present client experiences.

By 2008, I was helping clients fulltime. While I worked my tail off to learn industry best practices, becoming the Certification Chair of the National Resume Writers’ Association by 2009, I couldn’t help but infuse a narrative style that wasn’t the norm.

Storytelling is in my blood. My father is a poet, and I grew up watching my mom perform in plays and in her professional storytelling business. I had a novel with an agent by the time I was 25. Before I drove for Mayflower, I was one of their top salespeople and before that served as a sales manager at another relocation company. I ended up doing a lot of web copy and marketing in those roles, quickly learning that story is what really compels consumers to call and customers to sign.

These days I drive a Honda Odyssey. But my clients appreciate my diverse background, and not only for the skills it puts at their disposal. They like that I can “get” them as a whole person, that I know they are more than their job title. I enjoy learning from the people I work with, drawing out their contributions, and telling their stories as they would if they could. And when our work together is complete, receiving the emails and phone calls with the news that they’ve successfully navigated challenging career transitions is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my work.

**** WHY IT WORKS ****

Creating resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and other career communications is not for everyone. I’ve had some very talented journalists and copywriters throw their hands up in frustration when they try their hand at it (truly, I think at least half of them end up crying and/or setting off a migraine). My clients appreciate that I understand both business and writing (because, hey, we’re writing about business!). They like that I’m so intimately familiar with accepted resume writing practices that I know where to deviate from them to make their story stand out from the crowd.

Over the years, my process has evolved to include a strong coaching element. Yes, I do the writing for my clients. But eliciting the compelling stories, personal brands, and career themes from them is at least 50% of the reason their documents are so effective as they make their next career move.

Other reasons C-level executives, rising stars, entrepreneurs, and companies choose me (or don’t—working with me is not everyone’s cup of tea):

HONORED BY PEERS WITH 21 AWARDS: I’m one of the winningest resume writers out there. My complete list of awards is at the end of this page. While I’m very grateful for the recognition, I’m most proud that my clients are advancing their careers with, literally, the best resumes in the world.

TRUSTWORTHY, EFFECTIVE & STORY-BASED: I’ve won accolades for my resumes. Eighteen of them to be exact (listed below). I’m Certification Chair emeritus at the National Resume Writers’ Association, hold three advanced certifications in resume writing and job search, and get mentioned in the media once in a while. Most importantly, my clients use the documents we create to get interviews and support negotiations, both in their dream roles and in pragmatic interim assignments. They’re so happy that 80% of my business comes from referrals and repeat clients. I often write for entire families.

Clients have transitioned into companies like Apple, Toshiba, IBM, Walmart, Yankee Candle, Harley Davidson, Brown Forman, BP, KPMG, Microsoft, Pfizer, Sanofi, and many more.

I love writing, and it is a pleasure to get to know my clients and become their ghost writer. I’m an active member of GetStoried, an online continuing education and peer-to-peer platform for business storytellers (my peers and mentors tell stories for Google, Zappos, Deloitte, Bloomberg, SAP, and others).

SMART POLYMATH: That might sound redundant, but it’s not. Briefly a member of MENSA, I quit because I didn’t feel like IQ was a strong criteria for making friends. It is, however, one of a few good qualities in someone who needs to follow your train of thought and grasp the nuances of your market. Many of my clients are ahead of their time and, as such, are challenged with bridging the communications gap between the world that is and the world they know is possible. I help them do that.

A true Renaissance woman (polymath), I have a background in sales and marketing as well as creative writing. I’ve been a financial advisor, public speaker, massage therapist, bike courier, sales manager, and long distance truck driver and excelled at every one of those things. I spend time with interesting people, and I live vicariously through my clients, getting to inhabit the careers of Fortune 500 CEOs, entrepreneurs returning to corporate, executives changing careers, rising stars in multiple functions, and, of course, fellow Renaissance personalities.

WELL TRAVELED, IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE: In addition to living in a bicultural family (my husband is from India, and we home school our three children), I’ve journeyed through Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, and North America. Many of my awards have been in the international resume category. Perhaps that’s because I know personally and professionally that it’s possible to move beyond a spiritless “common ground” to a place where the interplay of languages and outlooks takes business and human interactions to a whole new level.

PRAGMATICALLY WOO-WOO: One of my clients likened me to the Suze Orman of careers because she left each of our interactions both inspired by an energy of possibility and armed with the best strategies for communicating her value. The work I do with my clients is equal parts tactical and intuitive. If we decide to collaborate, you can bet I’ll be holding a space for the best possible outcome in your transition because I only accept clients I can believe in. It’s an aspect of my approach for which there are no certifications or awards, but it’s something many of my clients take note of.

ALWAYS LEARNING: Coming into a project with a preconceived notion of what’s needed is a disservice to you. Knowing I have all of the latest industry best practices sitting in my toolkit, some of which I invented (or remixed from other industries), is confidence inspiring. But I wouldn’t presume to take those tools out and get to work until I understand your situation. As Einstein said, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” This beginner’s mind approach ensures that your resume will in no way resemble a template.

AESTHETE: Because I am a person who recognizes and values good design, you can be sure your resume will look fantastic. Beyond appearance, there is a beauty to words—writing with precision, varying sentence length, opting for the simpler, pithier phrases—that I insist on applying. Whether your brand is minimalist, ornate, or traditional, you can count on having documents that are pleasant to view and compelling to read.



3rd Place Best Accounting and Finance Resume

Nominated Best Healthcare/Medical Resume

Nominated Best International Resume

2015 (Most Nominated and Winningest Writer)

1st Place Best Accounting and Finance Resume

1st Place Best Sales Resume

1st Place Best Cover Letter

3rd Place Best International Resume

Nominated, Best Healthcare Resume

Nominated, Best Executive Resume


1st Place Best Healthcare Resume

3rd Place Best Accounting & Finance Resume

Nominated Best Information Technology (IT) Resume

Nominated Best Executive Resume


1st Place Best International Resume

1st Place Best Healthcare/Medical Resume

2nd Place Best Sales Resume

Nominated, Best Creative Resume

Nominated, Best Executive Resume


Nominated, Best Sales and Marketing Resume

Nominated, Best Cover Letter


Nominated, Best International Resume


Lastly, I work from my home office so if this video doesn’t make you laugh, we might not be a match.