Work With Me

You can find work you love while meeting your personal and financial needs.

A great resume is the first step.

Your next career transition is more than a job search. And your resume is more than a record of your past contributions.

Whether you’re an executive, entrepreneur, or rising star, the creation of your resume is often the first step in defining and finding work you love while meeting your personal and financial needs. You want to shine…but you also have to pay the mortgage, send your kids to college, and save for retirement.

Whether working on your own or hiring a professional, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of using communications practices almost cosmetically, to make yourself look good from the outside. That’s what everyone worth their salt is doing, after all.

By working at a deeper level, your story emerges with an empowering authenticity that cannot be duplicated or denied. This undeniable authenticity sets you apart from every other applicant and gets you in the door with recruiters and hiring committees.


How We Do It:

The key to the work we’ll do together is to draw out and define your story. Every event in your work and life has prepared you to contribute in a unique way. During a two-hour intake session/coaching call, we put all of your “dots” on the table and connect the ones that make sense given your current goal. We’ll agree on:

  • Your story and the unique way it positions you in your market
  • A strategy (because great strategy is born from story) for presenting the data and your brand that will speak to your audience of hiring managers, investors, board members, or recruiters
  • An aesthetic for your resume—whether graphics rich, simple and dignified, or something in between.

I go to my workshop for a week or two where I review my notes, re-listen to our phone call, and assimilate everything into the resume we discussed. I also spend a great deal of time staring at a blank page, thinking of the perfect word, and taking walks while mulling over challenges like how best to include that one-off experience that speaks to the core of who you are but doesn’t have an obvious place in a job search.

As I create the resume, I’m also keeping notes for your LinkedIn profile, cover letter, bio, branding document, and any other documents or source files needed for your project.

Once the resume is written and designed, you review it and make any changes (these are almost always minor since we spend so much time defining our strategy during our intake session). With the resume as our core resource for your brand and career stories, we then create the rest of your communications.

Throughout the process, you have access to the award winning Job Search Success System [we will need a page to describe this that is linked here] so your job search strategy can be as effective as your documents.

All documents go through my expert proofreader before getting the green light, just to make sure we didn’t miss anything. All proofed finals are delivered about 2-3 weeks from the intake date. In cases where there are deadlines or urgencies, we work closely to ensure your timeline needs are met.

Take a look at our portfolio [link] for a sense of the quality and diversity of our branded, story-based resumes.