Executive Resume and Career Branding Solutions


You’re a good fit if…

  • You are a 6- or 7-figure executive or rising star who is truly passionate about what you do and ready to dedicate time and resources to advancing your career
  • You would benefit from an efficient, proven, proprietary process that has worked for hundreds of elite careerists
  • You recognize the power of having a career brand and suspect that there is a more compelling way to express your value than a collection of disjointed (if impressive) accomplishment bullets
  • You want to put people reading your resume and LinkedIn profile in the best position to help you by ensuring that every aspect of your career marketing is imbued with your brand, each memorable word carefully chosen to concisely convey what you bring to the table


You need an extraordinary executive resume.

Your LinkedIn profile could use some new life as well.

And how will you talk about yourself with your network? In an interview?

How do you compare with other top executives pursuing your dream job?

You’re probably here because you’ve figured out that there’s more to it than titles, dates, and accomplishments.

You understand how important a strong corporate brand is to business success.

But how do you develop and communicate your own brand to attract right-fit leadership opportunities? How do you stand out without being over-the-top?

Where do you even start with an executive resume when you haven’t needed one in years—maybe even decades?

What does an executive job search look like these days?

It’s a lot to think about.

A great resume is often the first step toward finding the answers.

You want to shine, to land your ideal leadership role and put that ding in the universe. But you also have to pay the mortgage, send your kids to college, and save for retirement.

The creation of your executive resume is often top-of-mind with executives who go into search mode. In fact, a resume can be a powerful tool in defining and finding work you love while meeting your personal and financial needs.

But if all you’re after is a document, it’s easy to fall into the trap of using communications practices almost cosmetically, to make yourself look good from the outside. But that’s what everyone worth their salt is doing. A polished resume and LinkedIn profile is just the cost of entry.


By working at a deeper level—with your brand and your story—your communications emerge with an authenticity that cannot be duplicated or denied.

Resume, LinkedIn, Cover Letter and other communications are seen as the tip of the iceberg above water. Below are brand coaching, award-winning writing, proofreaders, client portal, project manager, proprietary system, client concierge.
The Resume is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

The undeniable authenticity of a well-defined career brand:

  • Sets you apart from every other applicant from the time the executive recruiter, board director, or hiring manager sees your resume or LinkedIn profile.
  • Gets you interviews with people who see you as not just a candidate, but as a one-of-a-kind thought leader they would do well to meet.
  • Ensures you present a compelling case once you get to the interview.
  • Gives you the clarity to discern whether or not opportunities are a right fit for you.
  • Provides solid ground for negotiating the best possible compensation package.


The power of a world-class team.

Many of my executive clients feel adrift simply because they’re used to having a highly skilled support team.

Whether due to the confidential nature of job search or because you’re between roles, you may find yourself navigating unknown waters largely alone.

Bringing a professional resume writer and career branding coach into your inner circle is a smart move. But at your level, it’s not a complete solution.

If you had a big initiative at work that required strategic, project management, branding, and operations expertise, would you feel supported if it was just you and a branding strategist who could write great copy?

Because clients often come from having written their own resumes, they imagine they need a person to do what they would have done. Some (not my ideal clients!) even see resume writing as an administrative support function.

Coming from the corporate world and having run a resume writing and career branding firm for more than 10 years, I can assure you this is far from the truth.

At This Little Brand, you get, not only me, one of the most respected and awarded resume writers in the world, but all of the other elements you need to succeed in creating relevant, consistent branding for your job search. These include:

  • A client portal to organize communications, files, and milestones. With all the emails, versions, services, and ideas flying around, this is a must!
  • A proprietary, rock-solid process built through trial and error and constantly being improved. It contains 44 done-for-you steps for a Package A client and 55 for Package B. After my team and I developed these procedures, I couldn’t believe there was a time when I, the career branding coach and executive resume writer, had attempted to do this all by myself via email. 90%+ of small resume firms (the ones actually producing quality communications) are built around the founder doing everything themselves. They will inevitably fall short of your expectations. A brilliant resume delivered the day after you needed it is still late to the party.
  • A support team! While you and I take care of strategy and I do the lion’s share of the writing, the client concierges, proofreaders, supplemental writing team, and project managers keep everything else moving along. This ensures that if anything unexpected comes up for me, your project moves forward. I can’t tell you how many colleagues, working without a team and a system, come to our professional groups looking for advice when a personal problem of theirs has their entire client list backed up.


How You and I Work Together:

During a two-hour career brand coaching session that happens via phone or Skype, we put all of your “dots” on the table and connect the ones that make sense given your current goal. We’ll agree on:

  • Your executive job search target(s)
  • Your story and the unique way it positions you in your market
  • A strategy (because great strategy is born from story) for presenting the data and your brand that will speak to your audience of hiring managers, investors, board members, and executive recruiters
  • An aesthetic for your resume—whether graphics rich, simple and dignified, or something in between

I go to my workshop and create a brand bio and strategy document based on themes that emerged during our call. This document guides all of the communications we create together and serves as a touchstone for you. Many of my clients review this document before an important meeting or interview and pull language from when writing about themselves. They’ve told me that, paired with the coaching session, it is the single most helpful tool they have in understanding and explaining how they are poised to make a unique, meaningful contribution in their market.

With your career brand and strategy in place, I, with my team of writers, create your resume. You usually have this about 7-10 business days from the date of our career brand coaching session. Because we’ve agreed on a strategy and aesthetic ahead of time, this is a very polished first draft!

Once you give any additional input, ask questions, give and gain clarity on any remaining points, and approve the copy, we send it to one of our expert proofreaders to ensure you and I haven’t missed anything. The editing process is often quick and painless. However, if you have a very complex job (managing high-level Wall Street finance or running an international airport, for example) keep in mind that it took you decades to understand what you do and be prepared to rework language and concepts as needed (though I’ve had a lot of exposure to challenging industries and an IQ in the 99th percentile, so I do catch on quicker than many).

With your brand and positioning defined and your resume completed, the “heavy lifting” is done. My team and I now extrapolate from your brand bio and resume to create engaging content for your LinkedIn profile, cover letter, value proposition letter, and any other documents you may need, such as an executive bio.

From the date of the intake, you have all of your finalized, proofed documents in about three weeks as long as you are responsive. We work with busy executives, so if you need to step away from the process for a week or two, just let us know.

For many of my colleagues, producing a high-level, branded executive portfolio can take several weeks. I have colleagues who take up to 6 months to complete a project. Because of my proprietary story-based branding method and support infrastructure, my clients normally have final documents in about 10 to 15 business days.

Take a look at our portfolio for a sense of the quality and diversity of our branded, story-based resumes, cover letters, and brand bios. You’ll also gain insight into our strategy with the project notes at the end of each sample.